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Deschner Corporation
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DESCHNER CORPORATION is the originator of the adjustable leak-proof shock absorber and speed regulator.

The company was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1960 by Mr. R. E. Deschner. Mr. Deschner began his career as a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a bachelor of mechanical engineering degree. He quickly rose to manager of engineering at several well-known manufacturing companies making a wide variety of products. This background gave Mr. Deschner the experience to fulfill his passion for inventing high quality, marketable products. At the time industrial shock absorbers were leaky devices that had to be sized for a particular application and speed regulators were bulky, leaky and erratic. Mr. Deschner patented a unique seal design that made his shock absorbers and speed regulators absolutely leak proof. He also developed adjustment mechanisms that enable the same product to fit a wide variety of applications.

Deschner products have enjoyed wide market acceptance, renown largely in Asian markets as the “White Horse”, no doubt because of our distinguished company logo. From our first location in Inglewood, California, we have steadily grown to be the world leader in high quality industrial hydraulic speed controllers.

We make products of only the highest quality. Their simple, streamlined and uncomplicated appearance understates the extraordinary amount of design effort and development that goes into each and every Deschner product. Everyday, millions of our products are being used around the world, from fortune 500 companies to individual users. We give our personal attention to both. Other companies have tried to copy us, but they always come up short. Deschner products all start with quality materials and meet a meticulously high tolerance standard. What can we say? It has become quite well-known that our products are built to last. In fact, several of our customers are still using the same Deschner units on their machines after 20 years in service. Environmentally friendly, our units use an FDA approved food-quality silicon oil, which makes them highly re-usable and recyclable. Yes, when you buy a Deschner Kinechek, it is serviceable for as long as you own it.


Our founder, R. E. Deschner, always believed that a job worth doing, is worth doing well. He decided early on that he didn’t want to perpetuate the wasteful virtues of a throw-away society that breeds cheap inexpensive products of dubious value. His goal, and thus our Corporate Mission, is to produce the highest quality products possible through manufacturing excellence.

Our daily objectives are to create customer loyalty; by providing high-quality products at an economical price, and by providing prompt & responsive customer care.

We will continue to improve the quality of our products, strive to develop new innovative and environmentally-friendly products and to instill in our employees a commitment to these ideals.