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High Capacity Kinechek Specs

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Get the “High Capacity” KINECHEK® SPEED REGULATOR for your toughest loads.

The leak proof Kinechek “High Capacity” Speed Regulator can handle the toughest jobs, enabling loads of up to 2400 lbs. force to be controlled. (Including impact when load strikes plunger.) The High Capacity Kinechek packs substantial load handling capacity into a reasonably sized unit. Tip to tip, the unit measures 17 inches with a 1.25 inch diameter body. The plunger rod measures ½ inch in diameter and is hardened on end for long wear life. This model is available in a 2 inch or 3 inch stroke unit. The High capacity Kinechek velocity control is essential when the load exceeds the 1200 lbs force capacity of the original Slimline version of the Kinechek. High Capacity Kinecheks have been used extensively to control all types of robotics, milling operations, packaging machines and food processing equipment. High Capacity Kinecheks offer the same patented, leak proof performance and high quality construction features as the original SLIMLINE Kinecheks. The ID of the hardened tool steel high pressure cylinder with an adjustable flow control passage is mirror finished and mated to an all-metal piston with no sliding seals. This design makes the plunger rod on all hydraulic Kinechek speed regulators move smoothly at a constant rate throughout the entire stroke. For pricing and availability contact Deschner Corporation at sales@deschner.com or call (714) 557-1261.