How to Extend the Life of Your Industrial Machines

The Impacta 7000 series is an advance in shock absorber technology, brought to you by the same quality company that pioneered the first “Leak Proof” Cushioneer hydraulics.  Impacta shock absorbers are small and streamlined, handy to mount in tight spots, yet powerful enough to solve most shock problems.  Designed to eliminate bang or bounce for millions of cycles, adding valuable life to your equipment. They operate maintenance free and are leak resistant due to a unique sliding seal system.

Deschner Impacta 7000 Industrial Shock Absorber Series - Servo Motor Alternative

Deschner Impacta 7000 Industrial Shock Absorber Series

Because of its wide range of energy capacities, the Impacta is ideal for applications with fluctuating impact loads. The use of food grade oils in place of standard industrial hydraulic fluid allows Impactas to be used in medical and food processing applications.  It provides a simple set up and trouble free operation in an economical unit.  The unique “flow control” contained in the high-pressure cylinder of the self adjusting Impacta, is arranged so that the piston is increasingly restricted as the piston advances.  This innovative flow control maintains a steady flow rate even under large changes in impact energy and the ensuing changes in fluid pressure. The result is a shock absorber that SELF COMPENSATES to a wide range of impact loads and provides a smooth stopping action for any load within its capacity.



They use a stainless steel rod to provide long wear life and feature common threaded body sizes (M27, M25, M20, 14), making them interchangeable with a wide range of industrial shock absorbers.   Available in stroke lengths of 1/2″, 3/4″, & 1″ with capacities ranging from 250 up to 900 in. lbs.  Ideal for use on high speed machines such as reciprocating slides, flying die cut off machines, roll forming equipment, packaging machines, book binders – anywhere where fast moving equipment must be brought to a smooth stop.

P.E.T. Manufacturing, Plastic Bottle Making, Blow Molding, Assembly Line Conveyors, Food and Beverage, Pick and Place Robotics, and Material Handling, Industrial Servo Stepper Motor Alternatives.

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