How to Adjust the Deschner Kinechek Speed Regulator


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How to Adjust the Knob on a Deschner Slimline Kinechek Speed Regulator Controller

Designed to precisely regulates the speed or feed rate of moving devices, moving smoothly at a constant rate. 

Slimline Models are available in stroke lengths of ½”, 1″, 1¼”, 1½”, 2″, 3″ with capacity of up to 1200 lbs.

PDF Download of Full Line of Kinechek Models

STANDARD Spec Sheet for Slimline Kinecheks

METRIC Spec Sheet for Slimline Kinecheks

Slimline Kinechek Hydraulic Speed Regulators

Tamper-Proofing Kit for Slimline Kinechek Speed Regulators (A14131)

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How to properly adjust the Deschner Kinechek
Industrial Hydraulic Speed Regulator / Controller

Insert a metal dowel or screwdriver
into the hole of the adjustment knob.

Align the knob to the desired scale
setting using the groove indicator.

A setting of zero is fastest.

Increasing the setting increases the resistance.

Always adjust the knob while it is at rest.
  DO NOT rotate the knob DURING a stroke.

Different Kinechek models have distinct ranges
depending on fluid viscosity and stroke length.

Stroke times may vary slightly between units of
the same model.  Adjust each unit independently.

When synchronizing multiple units, fine tune
the timing of each unit prior to operation.

30 is the highest setting and the slowest motion.

The gap between 30 and 0 is not recommended. 
It is essentially a hard stop, a fully closed unit.

For a full model list of various fluid speeds and
stroke lengths, click the link in the description.

A tamper-proofing kit is available in order
to prevent unauthorized knob adjustments.

Sold separately.

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