Beware of Suspicious Email Phishing Attempts

We have recently become aware that somebody is sending spoofed emails similar to the one shown below in the name of Deschner Corporation. We have nothing to do with such emails.

The emails generally ask recipients to reply or to click on a link. If you receive any suspicious or similar emails, DO NOT respond, DO NOT click on any links, DO NOT open any attachments.

If you ever are unsure of whether an email message was spoofed, please contact us.

Deschner Corporation

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Prevent Tool Breakage During Deep Hole Drilling

Drilling to a depth of more than three times (3X) the drill diameter often requires peck drilling where the drill is repeatedly withdrawn to remove waste cuttings while being advanced in steps deeper and deeper during each feed movement.  The Deschner PeckChek was designed specifically for use in these deep hole drilling applications. 

The plunger rod on a standard Kinechek speed regulator is designed to automatically extend with every stroke.  But for efficient peck drilling, the Kinechek speed control function must be restricted to occur only when the drill is cutting.  Therefore, the plunger rod remains in position while the drill retracts to clear the chips away.  By design, there is a slight extension of the rod (approx. .005 inches) to prevent the drill bit from impacting the work piece.  This is an especially important feature when using smaller drilling tools.  This tiny gap allows for the speed control function to engage before the bit re-enters the hole, preventing bit breakage.    The PeckChek Control in conjunction with a special Kinechek is designed to operate in this manner.

The PeckChek Control is a one-way ball clutch that prevents the automatic extension of the plunger rod. It fits over the plunger rod and attaches to the body. However, PeckChek Controls must be used only with special Kinecheks that use plunger rods that are hardened full length, to withstand the brinelling action of the ball clutch, and are approx ½” longer in length to accommodate the PeckChek Control without loss of controlled stroke. Although the PeckChek Control when mounted on the special Kinechek forms a single unit, the PeckChek Control is sold separately from the Kinechek.  This is because the same PeckChek Control can be used on Kinechek models numbers having different stroke lengths.  PeckChek Controls are available for use with Slimline, Super K and Mini K Kinechek Models.



PeckChek Animation Sequence –
Specialty Kinecheks –

AutoDrill Two Hole Peck Drilling Process –
AutoDrill 100 0061 –

Deschner Corporation

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How to Adjust the Deschner Kinechek Speed Regulator


See the YouTube Video …

How to Adjust the Knob on a Deschner Slimline Kinechek Speed Regulator Controller

Designed to precisely regulates the speed or feed rate of moving devices, moving smoothly at a constant rate. 

Slimline Models are available in stroke lengths of ½”, 1″, 1¼”, 1½”, 2″, 3″ with capacity of up to 1200 lbs.

PDF Download of Full Line of Kinechek Models

STANDARD Spec Sheet for Slimline Kinecheks

METRIC Spec Sheet for Slimline Kinecheks

Slimline Kinechek Hydraulic Speed Regulators

Tamper-Proofing Kit for Slimline Kinechek Speed Regulators (A14131)

For Quote or Order

How to properly adjust the Deschner Kinechek
Industrial Hydraulic Speed Regulator / Controller

Insert a metal dowel or screwdriver
into the hole of the adjustment knob.

Align the knob to the desired scale
setting using the groove indicator.

A setting of zero is fastest.

Increasing the setting increases the resistance.

Always adjust the knob while it is at rest.
  DO NOT rotate the knob DURING a stroke.

Different Kinechek models have distinct ranges
depending on fluid viscosity and stroke length.

Stroke times may vary slightly between units of
the same model.  Adjust each unit independently.

When synchronizing multiple units, fine tune
the timing of each unit prior to operation.

30 is the highest setting and the slowest motion.

The gap between 30 and 0 is not recommended. 
It is essentially a hard stop, a fully closed unit.

For a full model list of various fluid speeds and
stroke lengths, click the link in the description.

A tamper-proofing kit is available in order
to prevent unauthorized knob adjustments.

Sold separately.

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What is the Best Industrial Hydraulic Feed Control ?

The short answer is the Deschner Kinechek Speed Regulator.  
But why?

The American company, Deschner Corporation, revolutionized the industry in 1960 when Mr. Richard E. Deschner invented the Kinechek hydraulic speed regulator.  The name Kinechek was derived from the word “kinetic”, meaning motion or movement, and “check”, meaning to slow down or stop.  Before the Kinechek, hydraulic speed regulators were bulky one-size-fits-all monstrosities that leaked and required constant refilling.  Well, Mr. Deschner changed all that.

It does not rely on sliding seals.  The Kinechek is a compact unit with a hermetically sealed environment for the fluid; so there is no leakage and no need for refilling.  It uses super-clean FDA approved silicone fluid that gets filtered on every stroke. No dirt, dust or lint can contaminate the fluid so the internal flow aperture never silts to cause variation in the plunger speed.   They are ideal to control the feed rate of pneumatic drills, lathes, mill tables, part feeders, or any equipment that requires a controlled rate of movement.  And since it is leak-proof, it is also well suited for the food industry

The Kinechek really is a marvelous piece of engineering!  So much so that others have been trying to copy it for 50 years.  But none have been able to duplicate the durability or performance of the Kinechek.  Comparison endurance testing shows that the Kinechek continues to work up to five times (5x) longer than any other brand on the market, including the “Hydro” speed regulator, which is just an attempted knock-off of the Kinechek by a large drill manufacturer.  These other brands might be less expensive, but they lack the smooth, durable, leak-proof performance of the Kinechek.  In fact, there are still Kinechek units being used today after decades of service.  In the long run, these other brands will end up costing more in production downtime.  The Kinechek is built to last.

All around the world, the Deschner name has become synonymous with “high quality”.  In the Asian markets, Deschner is well known for being the best and commonly referred to simply as the “white horse“.  No doubt, because of the distinctive Deschner company logo.  Distributed worldwide, it is easy to find a re-seller in your area.   

You asked for the best, here it is.  
See the full product line here:

‡ ■ Kinechek
■ Mini-K
■ Super-K
■ Cushion-Start
■ Skipchek
■ PeckChek 
■ Slow Return 
■ Cushioneer
■ Impact

Deschner Corporation
Toll-Free 800-457-6666
USA 714-557-1261

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How to Extend the Life of Your Industrial Machines

The Impacta 7000 series is an advance in shock absorber technology, brought to you by the same quality company that pioneered the first “Leak Proof” Cushioneer hydraulics.  Impacta shock absorbers are small and streamlined, handy to mount in tight spots, yet powerful enough to solve most shock problems.  Designed to eliminate bang or bounce for millions of cycles, adding valuable life to your equipment. They operate maintenance free and are leak resistant due to a unique sliding seal system.

Deschner Impacta 7000 Industrial Shock Absorber Series - Servo Motor Alternative

Deschner Impacta 7000 Industrial Shock Absorber Series

Because of its wide range of energy capacities, the Impacta is ideal for applications with fluctuating impact loads. The use of food grade oils in place of standard industrial hydraulic fluid allows Impactas to be used in medical and food processing applications.  It provides a simple set up and trouble free operation in an economical unit.  The unique “flow control” contained in the high-pressure cylinder of the self adjusting Impacta, is arranged so that the piston is increasingly restricted as the piston advances.  This innovative flow control maintains a steady flow rate even under large changes in impact energy and the ensuing changes in fluid pressure. The result is a shock absorber that SELF COMPENSATES to a wide range of impact loads and provides a smooth stopping action for any load within its capacity.



They use a stainless steel rod to provide long wear life and feature common threaded body sizes (M27, M25, M20, 14), making them interchangeable with a wide range of industrial shock absorbers.   Available in stroke lengths of 1/2″, 3/4″, & 1″ with capacities ranging from 250 up to 900 in. lbs.  Ideal for use on high speed machines such as reciprocating slides, flying die cut off machines, roll forming equipment, packaging machines, book binders – anywhere where fast moving equipment must be brought to a smooth stop.

P.E.T. Manufacturing, Plastic Bottle Making, Blow Molding, Assembly Line Conveyors, Food and Beverage, Pick and Place Robotics, and Material Handling, Industrial Servo Stepper Motor Alternatives.

For complete specifications, go to


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