Accessories & Mounting Options

Lock Knobs
Locking Knobs for Super K and Mini K Kinechek Speed Regulators - Deschner Corporation
Lock Knobs for all Super K and Mini K Speed Regulators
Mounting Blocks
Mounting Blocks for Kinechek and Cushioneer Products - Deschner Corporation
Mounting Blocks for all Shock Absorbers and Speed Regulators
Peckcheck Controls
Peckchek Controls for Slimline, Super K, and Mini K Kinecheks - Deschner Corporation
Peckchek Controls for all Speed Regulators
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Tamperproof Kits
Slimline Kinechek Tamperproofing Kit - Deschner Corporation
Tamperproof Kits for all Slimline Regulators and Absorbers
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Threaded Mounting
Threaded Mounting Options - Kinechek and Cushioneer - Deschner Corporation
Threaded Mounting Options
Dumore Drill Adapter
Dumore Drill Adapter for Kinechek Speed Regulators - Deschner Corporation
Deschner Adapter for Dumore Drills
Sugino Drill Adapter
Deschner Adapter for Sugino Drills
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Clamping and Mounting
Clamping and Mounting Restrictions