Deschner Adapter for Dumore Drills

A10731 New products and adapter Sold Separately

Adapter shown with 3″ stroke standard Slimline Kinechek hydraulic speed regulator installed.
New adapter shown with 3″ stroke standard Slimline Kinechek installed on Dumore Series 24 Drill head. Slimline Adapter MODEL NO. A10731 For Dumore Series 24, 26 & 28 Drills 1002-31-3 A10731
Old Deschner Drill Demon Hydraulic Check, Model 4002-31-3

Our new Adapter allows Deschner Slimline Kinechek, PeckChek and Skipchek hydraulic speed regulators to be mounted in Dumore drill heads. More flexibility at a fraction of the cost.

If you have used or are presently using Dumore drills model #24, 26, or 28, and have found the check units to be very cost prohibitive, we have a solution for you. The solution is our new universal adapter, which can be used with any of Deschner’s standard Slimline Kinecheks.

This new adapter, paired with a Deschner Slimline Kinechek creates a leak proof speed regulator for the Dumore drill that will cost you less than half the price of the original check. This adapter will allow you to use our standard Slimline Kinecheks as well as more specialized units such as the PeckChek or Skipchek in place of the Dumore check unit or Deschner Drill Demon. The Adapter will give you the flexibility to use Slimline units with the same mounting bracket. Just loosen 2 bolts, one check unit slides out and the other slides in. Tighten the two bolts and start drilling.

Installing the Adapter is simple. Just remove the Dumore check unit or Deschner Drill Demon, enlarge one hole in the top of the drill casing for clearance and attach the new adapter, install the Kinechek, lock it down and begin drilling. The adapter mounts in the drill Housing, the same as the old Dumore check unit or Drill Demon.

Order the Adapter separately and then add the Kinechek, PeckChek, or Skipchek speed regulator of your choice, to complete the package.

All Kinecheks can be serviced for the life of the product, and for a fraction of the cost of a Dumore check or Deschner Drill Demon.

For pricing and availability contact Deschner Corporation at or call (714) 557-1261.

For detailed information and installation instructions, download DD_UNIVERSAL_ADAPTER pdf file here.