Deschner Adapter for Sugino Drills

Sugino Hydro Speed Controller DIRECT REPLACEMENT

Sugino Hydro Speed Controller DIRECT REPLACEMENT

Our new Adapter allows Deschner Slimline Kinechek, Super-K Kinechek, and PeckChek hydraulic speed regulators to be mounted on Sugino drill heads.

How many times have you looked at that Hydro Speed Regulator on your Sugino Drill, and said to yourself “This filthy leaking thing needs to go! But WHAT ELSE IS THERE?”

Deschner now makes it easy to replace your leaky Sugino Hydro Speed Controller with a LEAK-PROOF, DURABLE, and CLEAN alternative. This ‘Direct Replacement’ Adapter allows you to use a Deschner Kinechek Speed Regulator on almost any Sugino drill.

A KINECHEK is used to precisely regulate the speed or feed rate of moving devices. They are available in stroke lengths of 1/2″, 1″, 1¼”, 2″, 3″, 4″, and 6″ with capacity of up to 1200 lbs. There are no sliding seals or heavy springs to make the plunger bind or jerk so KINECHEKS give smooth, consistent control of moving devices whether the force is 2-1/2 or 1200 lbs.

Kinecheks have a very long service life because their super-clean silicone fluid is sealed inside and gets filtered on every stroke. No dirt, dust or lint can contaminate the fluid so the internal flow aperture never silts to cause variation in plunger speed. It’s easy to adjust to your exact needs because the range of adjustment is over 300° with a very smooth, gradual rate of change.

The Peckchek Controller is available for all of Deschner Kinechek lines, including all Slimline models, both the 4” Super-K and 6” Super-K models, and even our Mini-K line Kinecheks, which are commonly used for hand-held drilling operations.

Order the Adapter separately and then add the Kinechek, PeckChek, or Skipchek speed regulator of your choice, to complete the package.

All Kinecheks can be serviced for the life of the product, and for a fraction of the cost of replacing a Sugino Hydro Speed controller.

For pricing and availability contact Deschner Corporation at or call (714) 557-1261.