Cushioneer Shock Absorbers

Product Specifications

Adjustable and Self-Adjusting available. Load capacity up to 1600 in. lbs. Available in stroke lengths of ½” up to 2″.

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Cushioneer shock absorber

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Cushioneer shock absorber

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Superior shock absorbers for all industrial uses

Cushioneer shock absorber provides rapid deceleration

Why the Cushioneer is superior

CUSHIONEER hydraulic shock absorbers decelerate fast moving equipment without bang or bounce. They operate millions of cycles without leaking even one drop of fluid due to their patented rolling diaphragm rod seal. Two types are available, the original “infinitely adjustable” Cushioneer and a new “self adjusting” model. Both models are built to the demanding quality and performance standards developed in over 45 years of manufacture. They use a stainless steel rod hardened on the impact end to provide long wear life and a special alloy all metal piston precision mated to a tool steel cylinder to eliminate sliding seals resulting in higher absorption capacities for their size. The units are also equipped with a flexible rod wiper to prevent dirt, chips and moisture from entering the unit.

Adjustable Cushioneer

Your machinery can run faster than ever before–trouble free! CUSHIONEER shock absorbers are small and streamlined, handy to mount in tight spots, yet powerful enough to solve most shock problems. Available in stroke lengths of ½”, 1″ and 2″ with energy absorption capacity of 2 in. lbs. to 1600 in. lbs.

CUSHIONEERS are unequaled for use with high speed machines because the plunger rod automatically extends instantly when load movement reverses.

CUSHIONEERS are absolutely leak proof in any position because the plunger rod is hermetically sealed by a patented frictionless rolling diaphragm. They won’t leak a drop of fluid unless damaged, so no external-fluid reservoir is needed.

CUSHIONEER industrial shock absorbers are rugged and compact. They protect your machines, permit production speed ups, and save maintenance expense. An average life of millions of cycles is due to the leakproof diaphragm, mirror finish steel cylinder, all metal piston and hardened stainless steel plunger rod, all permanently lubricated. Cushioneers are used on reciprocating slides, flying die cut off machines, roll forming equipment, packaging machines, book binders–anywhere where fast moving equipment must be brought to a smooth stop.

The classic leak-proof adjustable CUSHIONEER model is ideal for users who require ultimate flexibility for precise, customized deceleration. The adjustable Cushioneer features a patented adjustment mechanism. During a deceleration stroke the piston closes a meshwork of up to 25 fluid escape ports in the high pressure cylinder to smoothly stop the moving load. Rotation of the adjustment knob alters the flow restriction at all escape ports allowing you to dial in a smooth rate of deceleration for fast, slow, heavy or light loads.