Cushion-Start Kinechek

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Cushion-Start Kinechek Specs



Get the “Double Action” of the CUSHION-START Kinechek

The easiest way to regard the CUSHION-START KINECHEK is to think of it as a combination shock absorber and hydraulic speed regulator, both in one.


The impact absorbing feature called “CUSHION-START” is a safeguard for those applications where a fast moving load exerts an impact force beyond the rated capacity of the Kinechek. Approximately 25 percent of the beginning of the stroke is used for cushioning, then the remaining portion of the stroke will control the load with the same constant uniformity as a regular Kinechek Speed Regulator.  At the end of the stroke, the rod automatically extends instantaneously as the load is removed and awaits the next impact.

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Combination Shock Absorber and Speed Regulator