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Slow Return Kinechek

The SLOW RETURN KINECHEK will control the speed of a load pushing on the plunger rod exactly the same as a regular KINECHEK. However, the automatic return action of the plunger rod is slowed by a fixed restricting orifice added to the unit’s internal flow passages.


The time required for the plunger rod to fully extend can range from 6 seconds to 22 seconds per inch of stroke. This return time depends on the size of the orifice in the restrictor and is measured at the slowest adjustment. The restricting orifice is not adjustable but the return time is affected by where the unit adjustment is set i.e. the plunger rod extends quicker at the faster settings.

This model was first developed for a manufacturer to address the requirements of a second operation lathe. The instantaneous extension of the plunger rod on a STANDARD KINECHEK was interfering with one of the operation sequences on the machine. By slowing down the plunger rod extension on the Kinechek, the manufacturer was able to program the sequence to move into the work piece, complete its operation, and retract before the plunger rod fully extended to repeat the operaion. Available return times are shown in Kinechek bulletin S-66.

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Slow Return Kinechek

Slow Return Kinechek