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Kinechek Leak Proof Hydraulic Speed Regulators—To Suit Every Need!

The original SLIMLINE KINICHEK line of hydraulic speed regulators feature a wide variety of over 100 models to meet the needs of almost any application requiring constant speed/feed control.  But for larger or smaller application needs, we developed the Super-K and Mini-K Kinechek.

Super K Kinechek

The main advantage of the Super K Kinechek is that it has a significantly longer stroke; 4 inch or 6 inches versus the 3 inch Slimline.  Like the Slimline models, Super-K Kinecheks are Leak-Proof, Durable, and can handle loads up to 1200 lbs.   Super Ks can also be customized to your specific application.  For example, a PECKCHEK adapter can be added to increase the functionality of a drilling operation.  Super K’s are used extensively in robotics, drilling, food processing equipment and packaging machines.

Mini K Kinecheks are the smallest in our line of Speed Regulators.  They are light weight and have a load capacity of 400 lbs.  As with all our Speed Regulators, they are also Leak proof and fully adjustable.  Mini Ks are available in ½ inch, 1 inch, 1¼ and 1 ½ inch stroke lengths.  They are widely used to control the feed rate of hand held drills, compact automated machinery and other applications requiring a portable, light weight, and easy to install unit.  As with all Kinecheks, a PECKCHEK adapter can be added to increase efficiency.

Mini K Kinechek

Both Super K and Mini K Kinecheks are made with the same patented, leak proof technology and high quality construction as our original SLIMLINE KINICHEK: The hardened tool steel high pressure cylinder has a single adjustable orifice through which all fluid is metered. The tool steel cylinder, mirror finished, is mated to an all metal piston with no sliding seals. This makes the plunger rod on all Kinecheks move smoothly at a constant rate throughout the entire stroke.

Absolutely leak proof in any position because the plunger rod is hermetically sealed by a patented frictionless rolling diaphragm seal. Kinecheks contain super clean silicone fluid sealed inside for life — no dirt, dust or other particles can contaminate the fluid to compromise the Kinecheks smooth, dependable speed control.

Precise speed control — set the speed/feed rate of all Kinecheks with a simple turn of the adjustment knob — over a 300 degree range— that allows for smooth, gradual and infinitely adjustable control of the plunger rod.

NEW!  The newest member of our Kinechek Family has arrived!  The DUAL SPEED MINI K speed regulator.  It is is specially designed for drilling carbon fiber and other composite materials. With it’s 2 speed functionality, it increases worker efficiency while reducing burring, splintering, and delamination.

For more details about Super K and Mini K Kinecheks, download the Specifications Sheet on this page.

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